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The Young Peoples Views Report highlights the views of 241 children and young people with SEND who were interviewed in groups at their school/placement by the Council’s Disabled Children’s Involvement worker during September-December 2016. We shared this information with schools to improve how we ensure the views of children and young people to be heard.

The feedback we have received so far and what we have done as a result can be found in the table below.

You saidWe did
The appearance of the directory was cold and bland and needed more visual informationWe redesigned the online directory, making the text larger, adding more pictures and colour and adding ‘buttons’ with clear symbols
It was confusing and difficult to navigate around the online directory to find what you are looking forIn the online directory, we added clearer search text, reduced the number of times you need to click ‘next’, added a ‘back to search’ button and deleted the ‘add to basket’ function
The parent and carer information is useful but it needs to be age specificWe re-wrote the parent/carer information so that it was age appropriate
The publicity materials don’t make it clear it is about the Local OfferWe redesigned the Local Offer publicity material so that it clearly stated ‘Local Offer’