0-19 Growing Healthy

The Growing Healthy Gateshead 0-19 Healthy Child Programme is an integrated service for families, expectant mothers, children and young people that offers interventions from the pre-natal stage up to the age of 19. The Trust leads on the delivery of this service, with a focus on working across services and organisational boundaries to improve public health outcomes.

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This presentation shares information about the Gateshead 0-19 Children’s Service virtual offer. The work has been developing over some time and has changed and been adapted through the Covid outbreak. It includes how we have engaged with young people and their families in Gateshead and developed virtual working opportunities within the SEND schools in providing advice and support in relation to topics such as hygiene and Covid related anxiety. It also highlights how we have managed to develop the service and reach over 72,000 people across the UK, Canada, USA and even Australia! and our next steps.

The Emotional Health and Resilience presentation gives information about the service and also how this has changed and been adapted during the Covid outbreak. It describes how we have been developing and delivering support around transition with a resulting increase in referrals to the service for SEND children to receive emotional health support. It also describes how we have increased the virtual delivery into schools and community venues. In response to the demands created through the Covid outbreak the Emotional Resilience and SEND team within the 0-19 service have been combined which has increased the capacity and efficacy of service delivery to the young people and families in Gateshead.