What happens during needs assessment

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If a needs assessment goes ahead, the LA asks the child’s parents/carers and the young person for their views as well as assessments (known as ‘advice’) from a range of people such as the head teacher, SENCO, early years provider, health care professionals, Educational Psychologist, a qualified teacher of the visually impaired or hearing impaired, or social worker.

They need to submit this information within six weeks and the SEND Panel then decides whether an EHC Plan will be issued. If it is, a draft EHC Plan is circulated to all involved. An action planning meeting is then held to discuss the child’s needs, what support will be allocated to the child/young person and the outcomes the child should achieve as a result of the intervention being provided. Parents/carers and the young person (if aged over 16) will be invited to this meeting along with all of the people that have provided information during the assessment stage. 

The following documents highlight what happens at each key stage of the 20 week EHC Plan process and an A-Z of key contacts:

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