What does an EHCP look like?

There is no national standard format for the EHC plan. However, it must have certain sections that are clearly labelled.
The sections are:

A: The views, interests and aspirations of you and your child.
B: Special educational needs (SEN).
C: Health needs related to SEN.
D: Social care needs related to SEN.
E: Outcomes – how the extra help will benefit your child
F: Special educational provision (support).
G: Health provision.
H: Social care provision.
I: Placement – type and name of school or other institution (blank in the draft plan (link to info about draft plan))
J: Personal budget arrangements.
K: Advice and information – a list of the information gathered during the EHC needs assessment.

The different sections may at first seem like a confusing alphabet soup. It can help to understand that there are three sections on needs (i.e. your child’s difficulties) that are matched by corresponding provision (the help your child will get) to meet those needs:

  • “Section B: Special educational needs” are met by “Section F: special educational provision”.
  • “Section C: Health care needs” are met by “Section G: health care provision”.
  • “Section D: Social care needs” are met by “Section H: social care provision”.

See our page on getting an EHC draft plan for a more detailed look at each section.