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Teen and early adult years can be a confusing time for us all. What should I expect during puberty? How do I get medical help? What does safer sex mean? What if it’s all a bit embarrassing and I’m not sure who to ask?

Now the NHS in Gateshead has published The Little Book of Useful Stuff to help young people aged 13+ to keep safe, stay healthy and make informed decisions in their lives.

The Little Book of Useful Stuff is overseen by health professionals and guided by young people in Gateshead who helped to choose the subject matter, design themes and even the title to keep it relevant to readers.

You can pick up The Little Book of Useful Stuff from schools, GP practices and other local organisations in Gateshead – or view the contents online at

As a new initiative, The Little Book is being trialled in Gateshead – and if it’s successful, it may later be extended to other parts of the region.

If you have any comments or would like copies for your organisation in Gateshead, please contact NHS North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board at