Supported Internships

Gateshead Council’s Supported Internship enables learners to complete a supported work placement and spend one day per week in education to complete the qualifications listed below and achieve a Certificate in Skills for Employment Training and Personal Development. You must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to access this one year E1-L2 programme. It is designed to get you into an apprenticeship or paid work.

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Learners spend up to four days per week in a work placement, following the hours and work patterns of the business. They learn the skills needed for their role with the support of a TSI trained job coach who will liaise with employers and support them throughout their placement.

Learners receive independent travel training including planning a route, making a journey safely, paying for tickets and competence to travel to and from the work place. Travel training will continue until support workers, parents/carers and the Intern are confident.

Learners will complete the following qualifications:

  • Maths – E1 to L2
  • English – E1 to L2
  • Digital Skills – E1 to L2
  • Customer Service Skills – E1 to L2
  • Health and Safety in the workplace – E1 to L2
  • Interview Skills/Employability – E1 to L2
  • Optional Childcare/other accreditation

For more information on Supported Internships contact Learning and Skills on 0191 433 8528 or email Chiara at

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