How support is reviewed?

Annual review meetings are held where your child’s progress will be looked at, plans for the next term/year will be discussed, new aims and targets will be set and changes to the EHC Plan will be made if necessary; for example if they require more or less support. This will include any support they are receiving across education, health and social care.

A formal annual review meeting must be held for children/young people with an EHC Plan. 

Children who are looked after by the LA (Section 32 of the Children and Families Act 2014) will have a Care Plan which includes a Personal Education Plan (PEP). The Care Plan statutory reviews should be timed wherever possible with the annual EHC Plan review.

If a child is classed as a ‘Child In Need’ under Section 17 of the Children’s Act 1989, a review is required every 6 months. Again, this review should be timed to coincide with the annual EHC Plan review.