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The service applies to children who are pupils in Academies, Free Schools, special schools and independent schools, as well as those in maintained schools.

The service provides education for children of compusory school age, who, because of their health are hospitalised or unable to attend mainstream school for a period of time. 

Education Support Service are the service within Gateshead council that over see this provision. They engage tutors for 1:1 work with children.

Education Support Service and tutors liaise with parents or carers and schools. They may also liaise with other professionals working with the child. However, this remains a key duty of the child’s school.

Provision is consistent with that described in the DfES Guidance ‘Ensuring a good education for children unable to attend school due to health needs’

All tutors allocated are fully qualified and experienced teachers.

For an informal discussion please contact your child’s school in the first instance.

Criteria for access

Referrals to Education Inclusion Panel must be accompanied by a medical letter from hospital or a designated agency (e.g.  CAMHS).

The child’s home school makes the referral and must agree to work with tutors to support the child and with the Education Support Service to ensure education that meets age, aptitude and ability and a smooth transition back to school.