Emergency Duty Team

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The Emergency Duty Team (EDT) deals with social care emergencies involving vulnerable children or adults outside office hours, including weekends and public holidays. 
Monday to Thursday 5pm to 8.30am
Friday 4.30pm to Monday 8.30am 
Phone 0191 477 0844.

The team can respond to out of hours needs for of adults, young people and children and their families or carers that can’t wait until the next working day.
When you contact the emergency duty team your call will be answered by a call handler from Carecall, who will need to know:

  • the reason for your call
  • your name and address
  • your telephone number
  • the details of other people concerned
  • how urgent you feel the matter may be

A social worker will return your call as soon as they are able. There may be some delay during peak times but we will be as timely as possible depending on the level of urgency.

We will use your information in accordance with our privacy notice. If you do not wish to give your personal details, we will still discuss your concerns. All information is treated in confidence and you can remain anonymous.

The team will become involved to ensure safety where:

  • there are serious child protection and welfare concerns (for example if you think a child is being ill-treated or neglected)
  • urgent assistance and advice is required by families or carers in crisis
  • older people are at risk for whatever reason
  • requests for a Mental Health Act assessment activity
  • people who are vulnerable because of a disability who need assistance
  • children arrested and detained by police where known adults cannot be contacted

Most cases can be dealt with over the phone but there are some more urgent situations that may require a social worker to visit.