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Hi there,

I am Brad and I am 20 years of age and I am a big massive Sunderland supporter, so I have created my podcast. Many people will be saying how did I start doing it, well this is how I started my own podcast, I was on someone else’s podcast for Sunderland AFC, and by the end of the season in 2020, I thought to myself why not start my own one so I got into doing it in February last year. 

To be honest it’s our one year anniversary on the 18th of February and managed to get to 200 subscribers, that’s a fifth of 1k so it is possible to getting to the target, don’t give up in life and keep going as practise makes perfect and even if you have special needs and disabilities it still makes you a normal person you can do anything and achieve anything!

Our team are Callum Hall, Paul Wilson, Acacia Cameron Jude, Tony Young, Jak Lincoln and Josh Wales. We have also got a lot of moderators, if I name those it would take me all day but well done to those who have kept the channel safe and everything.

One last thing we have a project manager called Lee Farrell and he is doing amazing job behind the scenes and preparing our charity match in August which is fantastic, we are having it at the Beacon of Light and tickets are going on sale in due course for the game.

Tune in to Bradley’s podcast here – RWA Productions – YouTube